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We believe positive mental health involves aligning values with actions. Being aware of what affects our health in all domains (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional) is an important first step to aligning actions with values. Once we are aware, we can live with intention. This connection helps each of us to build deeper meaning and purpose in our lives- another important aspect of mental health.  "I don't want to know about it" is a common phrase we hear when we mention what happens in animal agriculture, or how animals are sentient beings. Ask yourself this question: "If I can't know about it, how can I peacefully eat it?"  Mentally avoiding something doesn't change that it exists. Our bodies are connected with our minds and therefore we put together a list of educational material that may inspire you to live with intention, peace and purpose. 



Books to Read

  • Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

  • The China Study, by Dr T. Colin Campbell

  • How Not to Die, by Dr Michael Greger

  • Oh She Glows Cookbooks by Angela Liddon

  • Fuss Free Vegan by Sam Turnbull

  • Living the Farm Sanctuary Life by Gene Bauer


Films to Watch

  • Cowspiracy

  • What the Health 

  • Earthlings

  • Forks Over Knives

  • Live and Let Live

  • Eating Animals

  • The Game Changers


Vegan Myth-busting!

Websites to Visit


Why We Are Vegan

Karen took out a stack of books from her local library, some of which were for making cheese and one other was about a farm sanctuary. Wanting to learn more about opening a health retreat, Karen thought this was THE book full of answers. After finally opening the book, she read about how pigs are harmed in factory farming, Karen found herself avoiding looking at the book again. But something called to her.. Open it. Read it. If you can’t know about it, how can you eat it? Many tears later during a full spiritual awakening, Karen became vegan in 2018. 

After years of being a chef specializing in meat and sauce cookery, Jeff began enjoying the food Karen was making and soon realized food could be delicious without meat and dairy.  Then, after watching Ed Winters YouTube Video Jeff fully transitioned to Vegan in January 2020. 


Karen and Jeff started Nourish 2 Flourish in August 2020 to bring more Vegan food options to the Edmonton region and build community with others who care about the planet. We feel peace in our hearts knowing our food choices don't involve suffering or exploitation of sentient beings. We hope you try some tasty vegan food and see how great it really is!

Why we are Vegan
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